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Program Types

Music Concerts


We provide free, in-person instrumental or voice music concerts to seniors who have limited mobility, cognitive conditions such as Alzheimer and dementia, or other medical conditions and Children with disabilities. Previous research has shown that music can be effective for people with physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychological needs. We have observed that our music provided emotional support for seniors bringing back memories and emotions.


We also perform music for fundraising for a charity whose cause and values align with ours.  We believe performing live music can promote the fundraising event and help raise the funds an organization needs to further its cause and make a difference.

Art Enrichment Classes & Camps

We provide free, in-person, hands-on art, acting, and music classes to seniors with limited mobility and children with disabilities. Our art class will use a variety of classic art materials using different techniques and principles. We have observed our classes promoted socialization and connection through the arts.  Art has been proven to improve physical and mental stress.

In-Person Instrumental Music Lesson and Mentorship


We provide free in-person music lessons and ongoing mentorship to elementary students who could not otherwise afford them.  We do fundraising to invite our students participating in our music lessons to music concerts. 

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