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Nicky Kim

OCSA Club Director of Recruiting and Planning


Flutist, Nicky Kim, is a sophomore at the Orange County School of the Arts. She has been playing the flute since the fourth grade. To further pursue her love of music, she wants to share the beauty of it to others through performances. Her accomplishments and awards includes:

  • 2022-2023  Pacific Symphony Youth Wind Ensemble (PSYWE)

  • 2022  Southwestern Youth Music Festival (SYMF) 3rd place

  • 2021-2022  SCSBOA Middle School Honor Band

  • 2021-2022  Irvine Honor Orchestra

  • 2020-2021  SCSBOA Middle School Honor Band

  • 2019-2020  SCSBOA Elementary Honor Band

  • 2019-2020  Irvine Honor Orchestra

  • 2019  Southwestern Youth Music Festival (SYMF) 2nd place

  • 2018  M.T.A.C. State Convention Festival Recital

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